NOTDEC UK exists to support the work of the NOTDEC Uganda orphanage in Uganda.  We do this by fundraising (including child sponsorship), by providing "hands-on" help & advice, and through prayer.  Our role is to help make things happen, to help get them right, and to check things out — to make double-sure that we're getting the very best for the children.

Current Trustees

NOTDEC UK Trustees and responsibilities are as follows:

John Leftley — chairperson
Janet Johnston — sponsorship & fundraising
Gerald Kirk — treasurer
Mark Peers — consultant
Mark Shaw — website manager
Kay Wootton — sponsorship (new children)
Anthony Johnston — farm, healthcare & official photographer

See the Profiles for more details, or the Quiz for the human interest angle!

NOTDEC Volunteers

Carlee Leftley - Christmas present logistics
Tom Hartley - accounts advisor
Heather & Greg Jackson - accounts software
Gordon MacDonald - farm equipment
Tim Traynor